Education, economy, environment, and agriculture. 



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Education - Local Control

We have quality schools in Muskegon County.  Every week at Rotary Club we hear from students from schools across the county, and all the rotarians walk away knowing that our students can compete with anyone in the country academically when inspired to do so.

When we provide our teachers and administrators the flexibility they need to educate and motivate our children, the kids will have a better opportunity to succeed.  We need to step back from the mentality of Lansing and Washington bureaucrats know what is best for our kids, and give the decision making power back to our local school districts. Then, as parents and community stakeholders, we hold the schools accountable.  

We need to give the teachers and administrators who know each child by name the power to make decisions for what is best for the child and our communities.  Each student is different, they learn their own way, come from different life experiences and have different visions about their future. Let’s get professional educators in our schools, provide them the room to be successful, and recognize that quality education is a community effort and not just an issue for current parents.

Economy - Muskegon/Michigan Vision

Too often our government is reactive and not proactive when it relates to economic policy.  At a state and local level, just like any company, nonprofit or organization, we need to set a vision for where we want to be in five, ten and twenty years and focus on the plan.

In Muskegon, we have an abundance of strengths including our deep water port, Muskegon Community College, the state of the art wastewater facility and advanced manufacturing companies. We need to build off these strengths to create the well-paying jobs of our future.

We must also continue to remove barriers to growth and create an ecosystem that encourages and nurtures entrepreneurship.  I believe that our next major employers are the ones currently here working hard to build their businesses, let’s give them the tools they need to succeed and remove the roadblocks.



I have worked over the past 15 years on impactful projects that have restored and preserved the environment in West Michigan.  I have worked behind the scenes to provide cleanup funding for Ruddiman Creek and Ryerson Creek to get Muskegon Lake on track to be removed as an Area of Concern.  I worked with competing factions to come to a resolution on preserving Sleeping Bear Dunes for the next generation while allowing recreational access.  

Here in Muskegon County, we know that the ability to enjoy our natural surroundings is a primary reason we choose to live here.  Let’s continue the progress we have made together and responsibly manage our resources so the next generation will want to stay here.

Agriculture - Opportunity

Agriculture is an opportunity for Muskegon and Michigan.  We are blessed to live in a region with a unique microclimate to produce a variety of crops.

I have worked hand-in-hand with our growers over the years during good times and bad.  I have helped our asparagus growers as they faced an unlevel playing field with Peruvian competition.  I have worked with cherry and apple growers to provide relief when frost destroyed their livelihoods.  I have helped secure funding to research Phytophthora, a disease that threatens our vegetable crops in Michigan.

With a growing world population, our growers here in West Michigan stand to benefit.  I will work with the agriculture community to ensure they remain on the leading edge of the industry and prevent unnecessary government overreach.

Healthcare - Innovative Solutions

First and foremost, we need to ensure that those with pre-existing conditions have access to affordable care.  I support efforts to increase access to care, but do not believe that we should have the government run our health care system as it allows unaccountable bureaucrats between you and your doctor.

Here in Muskegon County, we started an innovative system known as Muskegon Access Health (now C3) that provides affordable care through a multi-share program that integrates community, providers, employers and the individual to provide better care, better health at a lower cost.

These are the types of solutions that we should strive for that produces better health care outcomes for people and gives them the coverage that they need.